2018 April, May Photos of the demolition of the high school where I graduated.
2017-November-4 Photos of the 2017 Lone Star Rally in Galveston
2016-Febuary-8 Driving tour of Section F of the Grand Parkway from US 290 to I-45, opened on February 5, 2016.
2015-October-17 Grand Parkway construction update
2014-September-7 Construction update, including the Grand Parkway, SH 249 and the Gulf Freeway.
2014-May-22 SH 87 near Port Arthur, see the remains of the washed-out coastal highway
2014-January-18 Updated March 2016   Right-of-way clearance for the US 290 Project
2008-October-19 Destruction of the coastal Blue Water Highway near Surfside due to Ike
2008-July-06 Katy Freeway construction update
2007-December-23 NASA 1 construction update
2007-August-27 Interstate 10/Beltway 8 interchange construction and demolition
2007-April-18 Galveston Causeway construction update
2007-April-01 Katy Freeway construction update
2007-January-16 Artistic enhancements on the Katy Freeway
2006-December-26 Crosby Freeway construction update
2006-December-11 Drive the Texas City Dike
2006-November-27 Houston construction update: Galveston Causeway, Katy Freeway, US 90A, NASA 1
2006-August-22 SH 249 Tomball bypass driving tour
2006-August-14 Southwest Freeway Montrose Trench, SH 249 Tomball bypass
2006-April-12 Galveston Causeway update, plus cruise ship photos, NASA 1, and SH 146. 38 photos
2006-March-26 Houston update, 29 photos
2005-November-30 Construction update
2005-November-27 Post-Rita visit to the coast where SH 87 has washed out
2005-August-18 Southwest Freeway construction update
2005-August-18 Katy Freeway right-of-way clearance, photos taken April 23 and August 18, 2005
2005-May-08 NASA 1 bypass construction update (contributed photos)
2005-April-27 Houston Update
2004-December-05 Views around Houston
2004-December-05 Grand Parkway (west Houston) construction
2004-December-04 Galveston Causeway construction
2004-October-23 Houston: Interstate 10 west at Beltway 8
See initial work on the reconstruction of the interchange, plus photos of Town and County Mall which is about to be demolished.
2004-September-14 Houston: Construction Update
2004-September-14 Houston: Driving Tour of the new Fort Bend Tollway Parkway
2004-July-04 Houston and Dallas updates
2004-March-07 Fort Bend Parkway Tollway construction update (images put online May 1, 2004)
2004-February-28 US 59 demolition
2003-November-30 Fort Bend Parkway construction update
2003-November-19 Eastex Freeway update with construction photos.
2003-October-20 Westpark Tollway construction update
2003-October-15 Fort Bend Parkway construction is underway

Central Texas
2014-August-23 Construction to widen Interstate 35 in Central Texas from Hillsboro to south of Temple.

2006-November-19 SH 161 Construction photos
2006-May-21 Construction of SH 161 frontage roads in Grand Prairie
2005-April-18 Dallas High Five aerial tour
2004-December-20 Dallas update: High Five and SH 121/IH-35E interchange
2004-September-11 Dallas: IH-35E/SH 121 interchange north of Dallas
2004-July-04 Houston and Dallas updates
2004-May-30 Dallas: High Five update
2004-April-25 Dallas: construction of the 121 Freeway
2004-March-20 Dallas: right-of-way clearance for 161 Freeway
2003-December-28 Dallas High Five Interchange Update
2003-November-12 More Dallas photos: SH 190 Bush Turnpike Super-connector construction update.
2003-October-29 Dallas: High Five interchange construction update

Road Trip
2014-May-22 Caddo Lake on the East Texas-Louisiana border, near Marshall
2008-May-18 Polygamist ranch near Eldorado in west Texas
2008-April-27 Catalina Island (California) back roads
2007-September-09 Colorado Mountain scenic dirt roads
2007-September-06 Arizona desert scenic dirt roads
2007-May-15 Interstate 10 in west Texas
2007-January-17 Roads and views of Big Bend National Park, west Texas
2007-January-15 FM 170 through Big Bend Ranch state park, west Texas
2007-January-13 80mph speed limit signs in west Texas (new photos added 2007-May-13)
2006-August-16 Construction of the SH 6 freeway south of College Station
2006-June-03 The roads and trails of Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Amarillo
2006-June-02 The roads and trails of Caprock Canyon State Park, Texas Panhandle
2006-May-28 Amarillo: Cadillac Ranch along Interstate 40
2006-May-28 Construction of the US 82/62 freeway in Lubbock through the Texas Tech Campus.
2006-April-15 Wichita Falls, TX, including construction of new direct-connect ramps
2006-April-15 US 287 between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls
2005-June-07 Possum Kingdom lake area, 50 miles west of Fort Worth
2005-May-28 Road trip to Texarkana (TX/AR) region, with coverage of the I-49 corridor in Arkansas.
2005-May-05 Burned-out bridge at Texas-Louisiana border
2005-February-18 California: the roads of Joshua Tree National Park
2005-February-09 West Texas road trip, 87 images in 5 sections.
2005-January-16 SH 87 east of High Island. See remains of the washed-out highway.
2004-November-30 Rural Interstate 45, Houston to Dallas
2003-December-14 Austin: update on progress of construction of SH 45 and Loop 1

Special Feature, Photos of Libya from 1961 and 1965
1965 Libya Photos of Libya taken in 1965. Includes Tripoli, Garian and Tarhuna.
1961 Oil Exploration Oil exploration in the Libyan desert in 1961. Photos of geophysical data acquisition by the German company Prakla.
1961 Desert Camp Photos of the Prakla camp in the remote Libyian desert.
1961 Local People Photos of locals in the south desert region of Libya, including workers for Prakla and people who live in the nearby area.
1961 Desert Oasis Waw An Namus is an amazing oasis surrounding an extinct volcanic peak in the Sahara Desert.