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Houston Update, April 22-24, 2005

Last updated April 27, 2005

Photos taken on April 22 and 24, 2005.

US 59 at Montrose

Looking east from the former west end of the elevated structure. The entire elevated structure has been demolished and for a short period of time the ground will be in its original state.

The only remaining part of the elevated structure is the embankment at the west end, visible on the left. On the right is the first section of the Graustark street arched bridge.

Another view of the embankment and Graustark arch.

This view from the embankment shows the cleared right-of-way.

A ground-level view. Soon this will be excavated.

Construction of the arched bridge at Montrose.

Initial excavation west of Montrose

Looking south along Montrose.

I-10 Katy Freeway

Work is progressing very quickly.

Looking east at the Beltway 8 main lanes, with a bent for the new westbound structure visible.

Overpass construction at Wilcrest.

Asphaltic base west of Wilcrest.

Fort Bend Parkway

The section from Beltway 8 to US 90A recently opened. Work is still in progress. HCTRA is charging an obscene 75 cents for this two-mile section. (Tolltag users get a discount.)

My camera was malfunctioning so the color balance is unnatural for these images. (You should have seen how bad it was before I worked it hard in Photoshop.)

Photos start south of BW8 and proceed northward.

This is the Fort Bend County shield for the tollway. The Harris County section uses the purple Harris County shield.

South of BW8.

Entrance just north of BW8.

Toll plaza. Unlike the Fort Bend County Plaza, the Harris County plaza does not have a change machine.

Just north of the toll plaza.

Approaching US 90A, the tollway terminus.

Ramp construction at US 90A.

This view looks east along the US 90A feeder.

Work on the US 90A superstreet/mini-freeway is finally picking up speed. These columns are for the overpass at South Post Oak.

Another view of the US 90A columns at South Post Oak.

Loop 610

The northbound exit on Loop 610 to Westheimer is finally open.

Work on the West Loop reconstruction is proceeding very quickly.