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Catalina Island Photos
While researching a trip to Catalina Island I found very few photographs of the interior of the island. Well, I decided to do something about the lack of photos.

Below are links to four pages with photos of the interior Catalina Island. Additional description of the areas can be found on the pages.

Photos taken 27-April-2008

Middle Ranch Road location Middle Ranch Road

Start at the highly scenic Little Harbor, proceed along the coast, then turn inland and proceed through Middle Canyon to Airport Road.

Airport Road location Airport Road

Start at Avalon and proceed up the mountain on a eucalyptus-lined road to Middle Ranch Road, about halfway to the airport.

Little Harbor location Little Harbor

Some views of the beach and campground

Little Harbor Road location Little Harbor Road

Start at Two Harbors and proceed to Little Harbor. Most of these photos were taken from the bus and are lower quality.

Safari Bus Catalina Safari Bus

I wanted to know more about the Safari Bus, but the only info I could find was on the official web site.