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Joshua Tree National Park, Feb. 14, 2005

Last updated February 18, 2005

Photos taken on February 14, 2005.

When I arrived at the park, clouds were thick. Fortunately the clouds broke up, enabling some good photography. Unfortunately I only brought low-quality film so the color balance leaves a lot to be desired. I did the best I could with Photoshop to restore quality.

Overall, many of the road sections in the park were in severe need of maintenance. The road to lookout point was especially bad. Pavement was crumbling along the edges in many cases. In the main area of the park, the road has been repaved and is in good condition.

This is the main road through the park, Park Road, near the main area of the park just after sunrise. The image two items below is the same view later in the day.

Another view along Park Road, closer to the main area of the park.

Park Road.

Park Road.

There are some dirt roads that offer some great opportunities to really get into the desert. This view shows a muddy area that hadn't dried out from recent rains.

Ahead there was a fork in the road.

On the dirt road.

On the dirt road.

Approaching the hidden valley area.

Approaching the hidden valley area.

This is the paved road leading from Hidden Valley to Park Road.

This is where the road from Hidden Valley intersects Park Road.

I drove to the lookout point and fog was extremely thick up there.

This is at the cutoff to the lost mine trail. Water was still pooled up in the depression.

Recent rains had washed a lot of sediment onto the road.

In the southern park of the park, there are no joshua trees. This is the Cholla cactus garden along the main road.

There is a trail through the Cholla garden.

A view of the Cholla cactus.

South of the park, near Interstate 10, the desert was green and filled with flowers.

Lots of yellow flowers in this desert area.