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NASA 1 bypass, May 7, 2005

Last updated May 8, 2005

Photos taken on May 7, 2005. Thanks to Jason Knutson for submitting the photos.

Photos start at the east end and proceed westward.

This view looks west along the existing NASA 1, which is on the right side of the image. In the distance piers for the elevated structure leading to the bypass can be seen.

A closer view of the overpass.

A wider view of point where the bypass splits away from the existing NASA 1.

This is at the western end of the bypass at Interstate 45. This view looks east from the Fry's parking lot.

Looking west from the Fry's parking lot towards I-45.

Looking west, with I-45 visible in the background. Two direct connector ramps will be constructed here in a separate project that will probably begin next year.