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Galveston Causeway, Galveston Cruise Ships, NASA 1
April 9, 2006

Last updated April 12, 2006

Photos taken April 9, 2006.

This is the I-45 southbound main lanes. Traffic has been diverted to the former northbound structure and demolition of the southbound bridge is just underway.

This is a closer look at the barricade with its "bridge out" sign.

Apparently there is lead containment work in progress. I assume it is on the paint on the steel girders in the center span.

This view looks along the former southbound span. Southbound traffic is now on the former northbound structure to the immediate left, and the new structure with northbound traffic is on the far left.

Another view along the former southbound span, showing that the guardrail has been removed.

This is the plaque on the southbound span. The span opened July 26, 1961.

Here is another plaque on the southbound span from 1968. I don't know what kind of work was done at that time. The reference to "Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works" suggests it may have been some kind of emergency repair.

Here is a view of the former northbound structure, now handling southbound traffic.

(Click for high resolution)Here is the plaque on the former northbound structure, which was constructed from 1936 to 1938. It was originally a drawbridge, and the drawbridge section was replaced by a high level span which opened on April 29, 1964.

Here is the new bridge with northbound traffic on the left side. The pavement straight ahead will be used for southbound traffic during construction, and this entire structure will be for northbound traffic when the job is complete. Notice the artistic lighting fixture.

This is a view of the approach to the new bridge from a little further back.

Here is a closer view of the new Galveston sign.

Here I am driving southbound on the former northbound structure.

Driving southbound on the former northbound structure.

Driving southbound on the former northbound structure, on the downgrade.

Interstate 45 at the 61st Street exit, just before the freeway ends.

This is the Rhapsody of the Seas (Royal Carribean Lines), docked at the Galveston Pier.

The Carnival Conquest was next to it.

Here is the cruise terminal with the Conquest in the background.

The Ocean Star jack-up offshore rig is next to the cruise ship berths. The Ocean Star is a museum.

The Conquest departed while I was on the Ocean Star.

Here is a parting view of the Conquest.

The Rhapsody of the Seas departed about 30 minutes after the Conquest. Here it is passing through the Galveston Ship Channel.

Here the Rhapsody of the Seas is going past Seawolf Park.

The Rhapsody of the Seas heads out to sea.

This view looks east along the Strand in Galveston. The cruise ship docks are next to the Strand.

This is a driver's view of the construction zone along I-45 (Gulf Freeway) at the NASA 1 bypass freeway. I was going southbound.

This view looks northbound along the Gulf Freeway showing the pavement for the new northbound frontage road and the pier for the direct connector.

This view looks south along the pavement for the new northbound frontage road.

Here is the pier for the direct connector ramp, looking southeast.

This view looks east, showing a direct connector pier and the NASA 1 main lanes overpass at Kobayashi.

A closer view of the Kobayashi overpass.

Looking east at the NASA 1 overpass at SH 3.

Another view of construction at SH 3.

This is SH 146 in Texas City, showing the ramp to the new overpass at Loop 197. The overpass is about to open.

Here is the new overpass. Right now only the northbound structure was built, and both directions of traffic will use it with one lane in each direction.

A little further south, SH 146 passes alongside the Dow chemical plant. This view looks southeast.

This view looks north along SH 146 at the Dow plant.