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80mph Speed Limit Signs in West Texas

Created January 13, 2007
Last updated May 13, 2007 (add new photos)

80mph speed limit signs were unveiled in west Texas in May 2006. See the official TxDOT press release. This is reportedly the highest posted speed limit in the United States as of January 2007. Legislation authorized the 80 mph speed limit in the daytime on I-10 and I-20 in Crockett, Culberson, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Kerr, Kimble, Pecos, Reeves, Sutton, and Ward counties. This translates to about 460 miles of I-10, east of El Paso to northwest of San Antonio, and 86 miles of I-20 west of Odessa.

In January 2007 I made my first visit to the area since the new signs were erected and took these photos. These photos were taken on two trips: the first on January 7 and 11, 2007, and the second on May 12-13, 2007.

On I-10 eastbound, west of Ozona near mile marker 368. (5/12/2007)

On I-10 eastbound east of Sheffield, near mile marker 335. (5/12/2007)

On I-10 eastbound at mile marker 287, east of Fort Stockton. (5/12/2007)

On I-10 westbound just west of US 190 near mile marker 307. (5/13/2007)

On I-20 eastbound, 7 miles west of Pecos. (1/11/2007)

Eastbound on I-20 about 30 miles west of Pecos. (1/11/2007)

On I-20 eastbound at mile marker 87 west of Monahans. This is the last 80 mph sign going eastbound on I-20. (1/11/2007)

Approaching Ector County on I-20 eastbound. Odessa is in Ector County, making the population density of the county too high to meet the requirement of 15 persons per square mile or less. The speed limit drops to 70 mph and remains at 70mph all the way to Dallas-Fort Worth. (1/11/2007)

Eastbound on I-10 at mile marker 185, approaching the I-10/I-20 split. (1/11/2007)

Looking east along eastbound I-10 at mile marker 393, west of Sonora. (1/7/2007)

Westbound on I-10 at Sonora. (1/7/2007)