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Fort Bend Parkway Driving Tour, September 1, 2004

Last updated September 14, 2004

The section from Beltway 8 to SH 6 opened August 30, 2004.
The section from Beltway 8 to US 90A is under construction and should open in about 6 months.

Photos taken Sept. 1, 2004

The first section of the Fort Bend Parkway opened on August 30, 2004. Like the Westpark Tollway, it is very narrow (four lanes total), but it has a much wider right-of-way so it can be expanded if needed in the future, and frontage roads can be added.

The Westpark Tollway's narrow right-of-way made some interesting structures necessary. However, the Fort Bend Parkway is very plain-jane due to the availability of plenty of right-of-way. It is just a road through mostly undeveloped land, and could qualify as boring.

All photos taken September 1, 2004.

Southbound, starting at the northern entrance just south of Beltway 8

A short section has noise barriers, providing a tunnel-like feel for the narrow tollway.

At SH 6, an overpass is underconstruction for the SH 6 through lanes. If and when the Fort Bend Parkway tollway is extended southwest, it will be in a trench at this location.


Northbound, starting at SH 6

Tramwell-Fresno crosses over the tollway, an unusual design for Houston.

The broadcast antenna farm can be seen ahead.

The toll plaza is spartan and is not staffed. The two non-tolltag lanes have bill changers.

At the northern terminus at Beltway 8, a large steel beam was being manueuvered around the corner for construction work on the north extension.