Libya 1961 photos of local desert people

Page created 12-September-2015
Photos taken 1961

These photos were taken by a member of the Prakla Geophysical team which was acquiring seismic data in the Libyan desert in 1961.

The exact location of these photos is not known, but they are believed to be from the southern area of Libya, east of the Murzuk oil fields.
High Resolution (1961) These two locals built a shelter from boxes used for explosives in geophysical data acquistion. According to the photographer, these guys lived in the "house".
High Resolution (1961) Another view of the shelter made from explosive boxes.
High Resolution (1961) Two locals in the desert.
High Resolution (1961) The woman on the right has her luggage packed.
High Resolution (1961) Home in the desert. According to the photographer, the woman and family lived at this site.
High Resolution (1961) This guy is preparing dinner
High Resolution (1961) The photographer says he encountered this small caravan with camels in the middle of nowhere. Apparently the caravan was traveling between oases.
High Resolution (1961) This boy appears to have some kind of mohawk hair style.
High Resolution (1961) This guy was a member of the survey crew. This photo was surely taken in winter, judging by his heavy jacket.
High Resolution (1961) This guy is scary-looking.
High Resolution (1961) These folks are being transported by the Prakla geophysical truck.
High Resolution (1961) There is a small goat next to the backside of the second guy from the left.