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Houston construction update, September 2004

Last updated September 14, 2004

Photos taken Aug. 7, Aug. 8, 2004.

Houston US 59 (Southwest Freeway) Construction

The temporary bridge at Montrose is now in place. The new eastbound main lanes in the trench could be done in a matter of weeks.

8-August-2004. Looking west inside the trench.

8-August-2004. Looking west from the Montrose bridge.

8-August-2004. This is at the east end of the project, looking west. The new lanes in the trench rise out of the ground here. The existing elevated structure is on the right, and the temporary bridge at Montrose is visible in the background.

8-August-2004. This is a closer view of the temporary bridge at Montrose. It will eventually be replaced with a long-span arched structure.

Westpark Tollway

The western section from Dairy Ashford to the Grand Parkway is now under contruction.

8-August-2004. At Eldridge there is a long elevated entrance ramp under construction.

8-August-2004. This is the excavation for the trench at the intersection with SH 6, which crosses on the overpass in the background. The tollway is so small!

8-August-2004. This is the overpass at Addicks-Clodine.

8-August-2004. Further west, near Mason Road and Papa Blakley's softball ranch, work is just underway.

West Loop at I-10

The existing four-level interchange, completed in 1968, is being demolished and replaced. The first phase of this project is the construction of the new southbound structure for Loop 610 alongside the existing structure.

Click for high resolution image This view looks north along Loop 610. The new lanes are under construction on the left.

8-August-2004. Looking north at the construction zone for the new southbound main lanes.

8-August-2004. Another view at the same location.

8-August-2004. Looking south at the same location as above. The Uptown/Galleria district is just ahead on the West Loop.

8-August-2004. Piers for a new connection ramp to the southbound Loop 610.

8-August-2004. This view is at the north side of the interchange. (previous views were from the south side) This shows piers for the new southbound main lanes.

I-10 Katy Freeway

The freeway expansion in far west Houston (between SH 6 and the city of Katy) is proceeding very quickly. This is a moderate expansion. The supersize sections of the Katy Freeway are between SH 6 and Loop 610, and that work will be awarded in the next few months.

8-August-2004. Near Barker-Cypress. The original freeway is on the left. The new westbound main lanes and frontage roads are on the right.

8-August-2004. Another view at the same location as above.

8-August-2004. This shows the former Bunningham street, a residential street that has been cleared for the freeway expansion near Campbell road. Only one remaining home can be seen in the distance. The future westbound frontage road will be built on the location where I stood for the photo.

8-August-2004. Here is the freeway adjacent to Bunningham street. This is the narrowest section of freeway. The expanded freeway will cross over the high voltage right-of-way (the power lines will be buried) and into the wooded area on the left. Bunningham Lane is in the wooded area. Total corridor width will be around 475 feet.

8-August-2004. Further east, right-of-way will be taken from the south side of the freeway due to a cemetery on the north side. The 59 Diner and all the establishments on the south side have an appointment with the bulldozer in the near future.