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US 287 between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls
April 15, 2006

Last updated April 23, 2006

Photos taken April 15, 2006.

These photos start at Decatur and proceed toward Wichita Falls, stopping just short of Wichita Falls at Jolly. US 287 is at the minimum a four-lane divided highway for this section, although many of the bypasses around towns are full freeways. There are no traffic signals, but there are a few zones with lower speed limits and flashing yellow lights.

Approaching the intersection with US 380 in Decatur.

North of Decatur. Here, and along much of the route to Wichita Falls, the pavement is concrete which appears to be of relatively recent construction. My guess is that a lot of the pavement has been rebuilt within the last 15 years.

North of Decatur.

North of Decatur.

North of Decatur.

Approaching Alvord.

Exit to Business 287 at Alvord.

Passing by the Alvord water tower.

Just north of Alvord the main lane pavement ends and the traffic is diverted to the frontage road.

North of Alvord we can see a wider right-of-way, which is intended for an ultimate main lanes/frontage road configuration.

North of Alvord.

North of Alvord with a view of the highway shields.

The exit to Sunset.

The bypass around Sunset is a freeway.

Looking northbound from the Farm Road 101 overpass.

Approaching Bowie.

Approaching Bowie.

Here we can see that we're 280 miles from Amarillo.

Approaching route 59 at Bowie. That highway has a new asphalt overlay.

North of Bowie.

The right-of-way becomes very wide north of Bowie.

North of Bowie.

The right-of-way returns to a more typical width for a four-lane divided highway.

Approaching Bellevue with railroad tracks on our right.

In Bellevue. Note that the signals ahead are flashing yellow, not a traffic light.

Leaving Bellevue. The highway once again becomes a divided highway with median.

North of Bellevue.

At Henrietta.

We are now 20 miles from Wichita Falls.

North of Henrietta.

Shields for US 287/82.

Exit at Jolly, just east of Wichita Falls. This is where I exited from US 287.