Libya 1961 oil exploration photos, Prakla Geophysical

Page created 12-September-2015
Photos taken 1961

These photos were taken by a member of the Prakla Geophysical team which was acquiring seismic data in the Libyan desert in 1961.

The exact location of these photos is not known, but they are believed to be from the southern area of Libya, east of the Murzuk oil fields.
High Resolution (1961) Prakla truck drilling a hole for the explosive charge
High Resolution (1961) Front view of the Prakla drilling truck
(1961) Drilling in progress
High Resolution (1961) Blast in the distance
(1961) Two blasts. This photograph was very dirty.
High Resolution (1961) The field crew is lowering listening devices into the hole.
High Resolution (1961) Local members of the crew hanging out near a Prakla Unimog service truck.
High Resolution (1961) Four Prakla Land Rover service trucks.
(1961) Truck driving across rough terrain
High Resolution (1961) (This photo was very dirty.) Truck transporting local labor, with a German from Prakla in front.